Ben Fleming
Ben Fleming

A little about myself, my name is Ben Fleming, by profession I am a Research Machinist and live in Fayetteville Arkansas (U.S.).  I thoroughly enjoy anything that has to do with machine work and building projects. In my younger years when I was learning to become a machinist I was introduction to the world of EDM (where else but) at a yard sale!

I purchased two boxes of old Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines which I read through during a time of unemployment. In one of the magazines, the basic EDM theory was explained, along with details of how to build a very simple, manually operated EDM. I built the machine and really became obsessed with the EDM process, but the task of manually advancing the electrode was no fun! The EDM process is slow, a person could spend lots of time twisting handles back and forth a few degrees at a time and accomplishing very little! QUICKLY I saw the need for an automated control to accurately position the electrode.

Several months passed and I was at an electronic  store, I think it was Radio Shack, looking through electronic books; I read a description of a window comparator circuit, and wondered if this circuit might be used to control the position of the electrode. The circuit was built and connected to a relay to control a DC motor. After much experimentation, I was able to develop a system that provided some automated control of the electrode; that was an exciting day in Charleston, South Carolina!! The books and kits found on this website are a result of my journey into the world of EDM.

Below is from NYC CNC  Facebook page, I hope he gets the bug and decides to build the Pulse EDM, I am sure he will be very happy with its performance.