Feed Back from Readers and Builders

 The following were received via email and postal mail

One day I came to against an engineering problem which conventional machining would not be able to do. I had heard of the EDM process but I didn’t know too much about it, I started doing an internet search on the subject, which enlightened me. I though, it would be great if there was a machine that you could build at home, law and behold I found one and this was the pulse EDM designed by Ben Fleming.
I ordered the book and PCB from Ben which swiftly arrived, stuffing of the board was very easy and it stuffed very quickly with help of the stuffing instructions. When I finally completed the machine I was excited to do my first burn, I felt a little bewildered by all the knobs and switches but I soon got used to operating these, I can say that it performed well beyond my expectations, the only problem now is pulling myself away from this wondrous machine. If anyone is thinking of building Ben’s EDM machine I would say go for it, you will be glad you did, I was— I have done some more EDM work today, this machine is really shining for me.

Chris U.K.

11/11/15  update from Chris
Well, I have made a video today of some EDM work I have done with my Pulse 2 EDM, this is a fantastic machine
 I purchased your book and PCB, and just received it yesterday.
Thank you for the very nice work and that you signed the copy.
I have read through about half already and appreciate the time
you must have spent to write this. Again very well done.
 Since I have built a few CNC machines in the past the mechanical part is fairly easier for me. I have a little harder time with the electrical side.

Thank you,

I bought the book first, and would now like to purchase the PCB board.  I would like to use the machine in creating small tool and die sets. By the way, you have created a fantastic book for the likes of us who are weak in electronics.
J— Steller


Ben, my name is Paul F—- and I work at Texas Instruments Inc. in Dallas. I just received a copy of your book on the EDM machine. I read it last night and finished it tonight. I have to say that it is a pleasure to read a technical manual that is written as good or better than I could have written it! Step by step on all parts listed. Thank you and keep up the good work. I am looking forward to buying more of your books if you do another one … This is just a Thank You note and a pat on the back for doing such a good job!!!

Regards, Paul


Hi Ben, First- Thanks for taking the time to publish the information in this book, very well done!

K— Kaitis ILL
Hey guys, have been doing some great EDM work today. I burnt a 2mm x 6,35mm square hole through some carbon steel, I used a copper electrode and to my surprise I could detect no wear on the electrode, the over burn was small too 0.08mm on each side.I have just received some Graphite that I will try, this has a particle size of 1 micron!!!!!!!!! It is proper EDM Graphite too. I will post the results of this here when I try it.
The Pulse 2.0 its a great machine and many thanks to Ben for his help.

Hello Ben What a great book you have written! My friend Dave  and I are building a unit now. Dave met you at the Cardinal Seminar.—-I must say, you are a guy that warms my heart with your approach to projects. The drawer slides are a real good sub for fancy ways, and very inexpensive. The down to earth approach is just super! I am a retired Manufacturing Engineer, and seeing this project really wet my appetite. I have built small—-“Popular Mechanics” style EDMs for tap busting in the past, and always wanted a servo driven unit now I will have one.

Rich  in Green Bay, Wisconsin


Well, despite my best efforts, mine showed up (the EDM book) today. Quite a shock!!! Was not at all the 23 laser printed sheets with side staple binding I was expecting. A real book with lots of pages and words too. Fortunately for me, LOTS of pictures too. I hope he typed it real slow so I don’t have to try to read too fast. It may take some time to digest but so far, I only see a couple of chips which I don’t have in my junk box.


Hi Ben: Now that I’m finally assembling the board I realize now that the add-on heat sinks that I recommended will not work. —– BTW, I’m still impressed with your selection of parts vs price and the way the board is going together nicely. As an example I didn’t realize the fan you spec’d (for ~$12) was a full sized “muffin” fan. The real “Muffin” versions from what I remember over the years were pretty pricey.
Thanks D —Sage


Ben, received the book yesterday, and I am impressed with the detail that I haven’t seen since Heath Kits! Thanks for the fine job. I look forward to doing this project and will have some comments later on.

Thanks, Neal


Hi Ben,I hear great things about your book. I would like to order one — can we pay via paypal ?

Damen CNC The Netherlands


Ben – Just got my copy of the book, and it’s fantastic! Though I’d be interested in the possibility of a PC board, I probably won’t buy one myself, as your instructions are so comprehensive (plus, I’m way to anxious too start building to wait for a board or kit). Anyway, the book is great, and I hope you forge ahead with work on a book detailing a pulse-based system.



Hi Ben, I was impressed with the file being etched. I built a home-brew R/C type machine and would not even try something so large.